Welcome to the Alternative Healing Cancer Academy!


Welcome to the Alternative Healing Cancer Academy!


Here at the Academy it is our passion and goal to provide support, advice and general help to anyone (worldwide) going through a cancer recovery battle!

If you are only interested in doing Chemotherapy and Radiation without considering alternative, natural and traditional options, we will not be a good fit and I wish you well on your journey.

However, if you are open to changing your life on a wholistic level and doing everything possible to return your body to health (with or without chemo and radiation), then we need to have a conversation.

Since I began helping people through cancer coaching, it has become obvious that there is a huge need for;

  1. Quality cancer coaching that can provide meaningful support to those who are desperately seeking some assistance in choosing an effective path to recover from their cancer.
  2. A resource/study centre where you can access a wide range of effective cancer fighting information without the typical information overwhelm that trawling through the internet produces.

The beauty of alternative therapies to help recover from cancer is that there are many protocols, supplements and substances that have proven themselves to be powerful cancer fighters!

The problem of alternative therapies to help recover from cancer is that there are so many supplements, substances and protocols out there that it is almost impossible to do random research and come up with an effective treatment structure for your cancer.

This is in part because of the misinformation and half information available on the internet and also because most people don’t understand that recovering from cancer is a 9-step process and each of those steps require from several to many ingredients.                                                                                                          


herbs that cure cancer

Do you need all those ingredients? 

Let’s put it this way… it’s your health and your life we are talking about, so would you prefer to do a lifestyle change and an excess of supplements and substances for the best chance at recovery, or would you prefer a minimalistic approach with less supplements and substances and lifestyle changes and have your cancer return?

What we have available if you want to recover from cancer, is very in-depth coaching designed to help you every step of the way… to walk with you when necessary and to help on all levels.

This is our popular cancer coaching service, that has become our signature worldwide program.. for more information on our cancer coaching, please click here now.

To further expand on the help we offer cancer sufferers, we are now setting up (yes coming soon) a study course at our Alternative Healing Cancer Recovery Academy.

This will be on-line soon and will “fill the gaps” and help thousands of people worldwide.

So please, if you need assistance with your cancer recovery, click here now, to find out more about our cancer coaching service, even if you don’t join our coaching program, you will receive some very helpful (free) information and you will be first in-line to join our academy when the doors open.

We look forward to helping you overcome your cancer and return to a healthy, happy and productive life.


I offer you my support and understanding.

Andrew Chambers





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